Vacancies: “Common-Law Cabin” (1967)


                  “Common-Law Cabin”  (1967)

    “Common-Law Cabin” is a white trash comedy concerning the denizens of a dilapidated ranch cum tourist attraction on the Colorado River. The film begins like an earnest tourismcommonlawcabinOS documentary with narration that is as pregnant with double meaning as the opening lecture on pesticides in  “Z”, though being a Russ Meyer production, the movie is ultimately less concerned with  AAA travel advisories than the attractions of the triple D.

    Hoople Haven is a hopelessly rundown Arizona property owned by Dewey Hoople (Jackie Moran), who along with ex-stripper Babette (Babette Bardot) and his innocent but “healthy” sixteen year old daughter Coral (Adele Rein), host unsuspecting tourists duped by the promise of an “adventure” by Hoople’s unscrupulous and constantly inebriated confederate Cracker (Franklin Bolger). His latest recruits include the fusspot Dr. Martin Ross (John Furlong), his overheated sexpot wife Sheila (Alaina Capri), and a leering ex-detective, Barney Rickert (Ken Swofford), who, from the start, is obviously up to no good as he thinks he’s smarter than anyone else in the film and doesn’t disguise that belief for one moment.

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5 Responses to Vacancies: “Common-Law Cabin” (1967)

  1. beetleypete says:

    OK, not one of Russ Meyer’s best. (Were any of them?) But I could look at the gif above all day, waiting for her dress to fall off. What can I say? I’m just being honest. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. johnrieber says:

    What a terrific Grindhouse find! A classic exploitation poster as well!

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