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Revisit: The Good, The Bad and The Baddest: “The French Connection” (1971)

“The French Connection”  (1971) (Originally posted on April 9, 2012)     Being a narc is assuming the role of a soldier in a never-ending war with the urban streets as the battleground; the debris littered alleys and dark, smoky dive … Continue reading

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Chandler’s Trailers: “Last Embrace” (1979)

     Such is the continuous flow of discontented comment expressed about what constitutes a “bad” film (nobly assisted by a film industry which strains to give a new voice to every emergent theory on a weekly basis) that when … Continue reading

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Whose Sequel Is It Anyway?: “2010” (1984)

      “2010” returns the audience to the proximity of the planet Jupiter, the location of the fateful showdown between the murderous computer HAL 9000, astronaut David Bowman and a particularly troublesome black monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A … Continue reading

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