Chandler’s Trailers: “Hitchcock” (2012)

 000hitchcock  “Hitchcock” (2012) Stephen Rebello’s tidy little book ‘Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of “Psycho”‘ is the type of bookshelf filler which sits precariously between industry gossip and inner sanctum rubbernecking and so it should come as no great surprise that a film finding its basis in such a work might be filled with a richness of technical detail while also proffering a smattering of personal detail by which a reasonably able filmmaker might offer a tantalizing bouillabaisse into the elusive process of turning pulp into pulp art. Unfortunately, such expectations are dashed by the film’s unnecessary turn (no doubt to stoke the flames of invisible controversies) into the realm of soda pop psychology and the degree in which the script by John J. McLaughlin is willing to peel away any evidence of cinematic intelligence from its eponymous subject and completely hand it over to another.
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