Retired Puzzles


aa99No More Undocumented Aliens!: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, August 2016 Edition, Vol. 30,000,000

    If we have learned anything from this election season, it is that it has never been more imperative that the sanctity of national borders must be subject to serious and intensive scrutiny regarding the problem of stemming and reversing the uncontrolled flow of unwanted aliens into our streets, towns and neighborhoods. It’s time to keep the unwanted, unwelcome and unexpected gatecrashers out of our living rooms and back to their own places of origin, since- as evidenced by all of the available data  -they are a continuous burden on our secure social order and a drain upon our law enforcement resources. The immediacy of this plea toward protecting our very way of life brings usaa9 directly to the subject of this month’s Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you by the patriotic consumers of SKITTLES, America’s favorite terrestrial breakfast candy. In this edition, we focus on Hollywood’s frustratingly unheeded warnings against these trespassing invaders who make a mockery of our way of life and generally create havoc that generally calls for a great deal of strenuous mopping up and repair work. Each of the following thirteen images features an occasionally cleverly disguised xenomorph who rudely decided to visit without the courtesy of even a phone call. Your task is to identify the film from which each image has been sourced and report your findings to both this site and ICE. The first to correctly identify all thirteen images will receive the coveted CSR Culture Shock Award, possession of which is generally considered the only reliable documentation that one is from the right side of the Van Allen Belts. Good luck.

01)  The Brother From Another Planetaa6

02)  Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)aa2

03) The Blob (1958)aa10

04)  The War of the Worlds (1953)aa5

05)  Mars Attacks!aa17

06)  The Thing From Another World (1951)aa4

07)  Starmanaa85

08)  Cocoonaa75

09)  Man of Steelaa11

10)  Quatermass and the Pit (Five Million Years to Earth)aa31

11)  Lifeforceaa99

12)  The Man From Planet Xaa39

13)  The Andromeda Strainaa25


july0aIt’s My Party: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, July 2016 Edition, Vol. 54

      In these days of American celebration, let us not forget those attributes of the human spirit which have helped cement our nation as the place of dreams, the cradle of free and independent action, and, of course, the birthplace of the celebration of almost anything at the drop of a hat or the merest suggestion of a group gathering in which no one has cab fare. This spirit is, of course, of the eighty proof variety, which if imbibed in sufficient quantity, is potent enough to render common sense null and void. (For an illustrative july0gifreference point, see the James Comey announcement of the Clinton Investigative findings.) With this time honored tradition of voluntary surrender to celebratory grossly negligent behavior (correction: extremely careless) in mind, we welcome you to yet another episode of America’s favorite monthly mental aphrodisiac, the Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you by those wonderful folks who manufacture and distribute SKITTLESAmerica’s anti-Communist breakfast treat. In this edition, we celebrate the celebration: movie gatherings of friends and colleagues in the form of dinner parties, galas and anarchic orgiastic excesses (just kidding about the latter, though we probably have your attention). The following twelve images, each feature a scene of a celebratory gathering. Your job is to determine from which film each image has been taken. The first to solve the mystery will receive the coveted CSR Culture Shock Award, which automatically confers immunity from unbiased investigation from the FBI, no matter how blatant and unapologetic the offense. Good luck.

01)  Singin’ in the Rainjuly0502)  Romeo and Juliet (1968)

july0603) The Wild Partyjuly016

04)  Ropejuly08

05)  All About Evejuly02

06) Breakfast at Tiffany’sjuly04

07)  The Big Countryjuly017

08)  The Fearless Vampire Killersjuly015

09)  The Chase (1966)july014

10)  Beetlejuicejuly012

11)  Eyes Wide Shutjuly03

12)  Back to Schooljuly07

13)  Carrie (1976)july013

14)  Hannah and Her Sistersjuly019

15)  McLintockjuly018

16)  All That Heaven Allowsjuly09_______________________________________________________________

june2016bJune Brides:  Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, June 2016 Edition, Vol. 121

     During the month of June, we engage in the annual observance of a wide variety of events: academic graduations leading to a closer inevitability with unemployment, disillusionment with the realities of life and despair, the anniversary of D-Day, the day when the Boston Celtics are generally mathematically eliminated from the championship  for the next season, the full flowering of the summer movie season in which the nugget of sardonic wisdom  “there’s a sucker born every minute” is proven with horrifying regularity, another monthly period in which june2016cthe Clinton Family-  not unlike the Corleones  -is likely to engage in their continuous calendar of felonious behavior (lock up your daughters and your savings accounts!), and, perhaps most cheerily, the emergence of the beautiful June bride. Which brings us this month’s edition of America’s favorite post-mortem time killer, the Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you this month by the makers of SKITTLES, America’s favorite breakfast candy and, 3 to 1, the chosen substitution for wedding rice. In this edition we celebrate the glowing image of the blushing bride as depicted in the cinema. The following twelve images are taken from films in which a lovely lady in white is prominently featured. Your task, as always, is to identify the films from which the dozen images originate. The first to do so will receive, as always, the CSR Culture Shock Award, NATO’s first line of defense, and a pretty nifty bauble to adorn the fireplace mantel. Good luck.

01)  Goodfellasjune2016h

02)  Fiddler on the Roofjune2016f

03)  Funny Facejune2016g

04)  Guys and Dollsjune2016i

05)  The Deer Hunterjune2016d

06)  Mamma Mia!Film Title: Mamma Mia!

07)  A Weddingjune2016e

08)  Gone With the Windjune2016n

09)  Robin Hood, Prince of Thievesjune2016m

10)  Sense and Sensibilityjune2016k

11)  Funny Girljune2016p

12)   …And God Created Woman (1956)june2016r________________________________________________________________

may10Life in Bloom:  Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, May 2016 Edition, Vol. 111

    Despite the grand apocalyptic allusions to global warming, orbital rotational shifts or the mysterious shortage of stylishly lapelled union suits, there can be no question that Spring is in the air; along with a range of unsavory toxic particulates wafting over from our global neighbors in Beijing, whose daily motto of: “If you can see it, then you know what you’re maygif11breathing”, has, for popular recognition and marketing favorability rankings, just recently eclipsed that most recognized advertising slogan for Bottled Ganges Spring Water: “Refreshment with only the slightest suggestion of urine”. This, of course, leads us directly to this month’s highly anticipated edition of America’s favorite decaffeinated stimulant, the Monthly Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you-  as always  -by those magical pixies who manufacture SKITTLES, America’s breakfast candy, and the #1  I.O.C. recommended Zika virus preventative nutritional supplement. In this edition, being that we are a sustainably green site (well, at least when we indulge in a wee sip of crème de menthe), we turn to films which feature our friends in the floral realm; those delicate, colorful sprouts which sustain and engage the happy bumble bee who diligently labor to produce enough honey so that we might soak our morning flapjacks (still a felony in certain counties of Alabama). The following twelve images are painfully removed from films in which a bit of Mother Nature’s pollen pushers are present. Your task, as always, is to identify the twelve films; the first to do so will receive the hypoallergenic CSR CULTURE SHOCK AWARD, useful in the warding off of evil spirits and easily doubling as a substitute croquet mallet. Good luck.

01)  South Pacificmay5

02)  Frankie and Johnny (1991)may12

03)  Werewolf of Londonmay1

04)  Green Snakemay7

05)  An American in Parismay3

06)  The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)may2

07)  Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)may9

08)  The Makioka Sistersmay8

09)  Elvira Madiganmay6

10)  What Dreams May Comemay20

11)  Enchanted April (1991)may19

12)  My Fair Ladymay13________________________________________________________________