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Whose Sequel Is It Anyway?: “2010” (1984)

      “2010” returns the audience to the proximity of the planet Jupiter, the location of the fateful showdown between the murderous computer HAL 9000, astronaut David Bowman and a particularly troublesome black monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A … Continue reading

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Chandler’s Trailers: “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins” (1985)

      Based on the popular The Destroyer series of pulpy adventure novels by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy, in which an ex-cop’s death is faked in order to train him as a secret assassin working for the ultrasecret … Continue reading

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Chandler’s Trailers: “The Final Countdown” (1980)

      Films that deal with time travel walk a fragile path as they must conform to the rigid book of history while at the same time, advancing a narrative while configuring the actions of modern day figures to not irretrievably … Continue reading

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Chandler’s Trailers: “Gilda Live” (1980)

       Prominently emblazoned on the poster advertising “Gilda Live” is the curious assertion that “Things like this can only happen in the movies”, a rather bizarre statement for a film which is a shameful compendium of lukewarm leftover … Continue reading

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Belmondo in Bondage: “Le Professionel” (1981)

         “Le Professionel” is a confused thriller involving French secret agent Joss Beaumont (Belmondo) who finds himself abandoned, tortured and imprisoned in the fictional African nation of Malagawi after being betrayed by his own people who have second thoughts … Continue reading

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The Big Suck Theory: “Lifeforce” (1985)

    Provocative science fiction presents a huge challenge to commercial cinema in that the conceptual abstractions which are often at the center of the story are a bafflement to filmmakers, who must reconfigure what are often obtuse descriptions expressed in … Continue reading

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