A:  Abominable Dr. Phibes, The (April 2012 Posting); Abby (July 2014 Posting/Grindhouse); Ace of Hearts, The (April 2013 Posting/The Silents); Africa, Addio (Art House); Aftermath (Concession Stand III); Airport (Concession Stand); Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (May 2013 Posting/Art House); Altered States (Trailers); Amazing Colossal Man, The (Sept. 2014 Posting); Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (April 2013 Posting); Après le bal (Jan 2018 Posting/Critical Establishment); April Fools, The (Jan. 2018 Posting/Wheaton Playhouse); Argo (March 2013 Posting); Aroused (May 2015 Posting/Documentaries);  Autobiography of a Flea, The (April 2014 Posting/Sexual Politics in the Cinema); Autopsy (1975) (see “Macchie solari”)

B: Bambi Meets Godzilla (Sept. 2013 Posting/Short Films); Barbarella (Nites at the Drive-in); Barefoot in the Park (May 2014 Posting/Concession Stand 2); Bat, The (1926) (August 2014 Posting/The Silents); Batman Returns (Trailers); Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The (June 2013 Posting/DVD Watch/Nites at the Drive-In);  Big Trail, The (July 2010 Posting); Black Sleep, The (Nites at the Bellingham Drive-In); Blob, The (1958) (Jan. 2013 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Blood Alley (May 2014 Posting/St. George Theater); Blood Feast (Jan. 2013 Posting/Grindhouse); Bloodlust! (Nites at the Drive-In);  Bonnie and Clyde (Concession Stand); Bolero (1984) (Jan. 2018 Posting/Cinesinema); Boys from Brazil, The (Trailers); Brain From Planet Arous, The (May 2014 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The (Dec. 2012 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (Trailers); Brotherhood of Satan, The (Jan. 2018 Posting/Rockville Drive-In); Bullitt (Feb. 2013 Posting/Concession Stand);  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (August 2012 Posting/Mercado Cinema)

C:  Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Das (June 2013 Posting/The Silents); Candy (Nites at the Drive-In);  Carrie (1976) (Trailers);  Cash on Demand (Trailers); Cashback (Concession Stand III); Challenge for Robin Hood, A (May 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Cheat, The (1915) (March 2013 Posting/The Silents); Close Encounters of the Third Kind (June 2014 Posting/Shoppers World Cinema); Colossus: The Forbin Project (May 2013 Postin/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); Confessions of a Psycho Cat (October 2015 Posting/Grindhouse); Crack in the World (June 2013 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Creature from the Black Lagoon (May 2014 Posting/Concession Stand III); Croods. The (Jan. 2014 Posting/All Ages Admitted)

D:  Damnation Alley (June 2013 Posting/Shoppers World Cinema); Day of the Fight (Feb. 2014 Posting/Short Films); Deadly Mantis, The (June 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers);  Death Wish (Jan. 2013 Posting/Concession Stand 3); Debt, The (2011) (April 2013 Posting); decima vittima, La (April 2014 Posting/Cinema Italiano); Deliverance (Concession Stand); Demon Seed (August 2014 Posting/Natick Drive-In); Devil in Miss Jones, The (March 2013 Posting/Sexual Politics); Devil’s Hand, The (Nites at the Drive-In); Dial M for Murder (June 2013 Posting/Trailers); Dillinger (1973) (Nites at the Drive-in); doppia ora, La (August 2012 Posting/Cinema Italiano); Double Hour, The (see “doppia ora, La”); Dr. Cyclops (August 2012 Posting); Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Nites at the Drive-In); Dracula (1931) (Concession Stand); Dracula (1979) (Feb. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas); Dunwich Horror, The (July 2012 Posting/Mercado Cinema)

E: Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (June 2013 Posting/DVD Watch); Earthquake (Feb. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Uptown Theater); Edgar Allen Poe (July 2013 Posting/The Silents); El Condor (December 2012 Posting/Nites at the Queen’s Chapel Drive-In); Elle s’appelle Sabine (Feb. 2018 Posting/Documentaries); Elvira Madigan (1967) (August 2012 Posting/Art House); Emmanuelle (Jan. 2015 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas); Enforcer, The (1976) (Jan. 2013 Posting/Nites at the Natick Drive-In); Equus (June 2012 Posting); Evel Knievel (Aug. 2013 Posting/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) (April 2014 Posting/Nights at the Roth Theaters); Executive Action (July 2014 Posting/Langley Theater)

FFantastic Voyage (May 2015 Posting/St. George Theater); Fidelio, L’odyssée d’Alice (Oct. 2017 Posting/Cinema Francais); Final Countdown, The (June 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); First Blood (Nov. 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Flesh for Frankenstein [see “Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein”]; Flesh is Weak, The (Jan. 2018 Posting/Matinees at the Bijoux);  Fly, The (1958) (May 2014 Posting/St. George Theater); Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (World in Giallo); foto probiote di una signora per bene, Le [see “Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion”];Frankenstein Created Woman (Feb. 2018 Posting/State Theater); Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (Jan. 2013 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Freaks (Feb. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Coolidge Corner Theatre); French Connection, The (April 2012 Posting); Fritz the Cat (June 2014 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Funny Girl (Jan. 2012 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Futz (June 2014 Posting/Remembrance of Films Forgotten)

G:  Game of Death, A (Concession Stand); Getting Straight (Nov. 2013 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Gilda Live (May 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Girlfriend Experience, The (Aug. 2013 Posting/Sexual Politics); Give ’em Hell, Harry! ( Chandler’s Trailers); Girl on a Motorcycle, The (Sept. 2013 Posting/Art House Cinema); Godson, The (Jan. 2014 Posting/Grindhouse); Godzilla (1998) (Chandler’s Trailers); Godzilla (2014) (Jan. 2014 Posting/ Chandler’s Trailers); Gorgo (Sept. 2013 Posting / Nites at the Bellingham Drive-In); Gorgon, The (April 2014 Posting/Matinees at the Franklin Cinema); Gravity (Jan. 2014 Posting); Great Gatsby, The (1974) (Chandler’s Trailers); Green Berets, The (May 2013 Posting/Nites at the Queen’s Chapel Drive-In); Green Slime, The (July 2012 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In Cinema); Groove Tube, The (Jan. 2013 Posting/Grindhouse); Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967) (Concession Stand); Guns of the Magnificent Seven (Nov. 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers)

H:  Halls of Anger (Jan. 2013 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Hang ’em High (April 2014 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Hannie Caulder (Jan, 2018 Posting/Rockville Drive-In);  Hatari! (Sept. 2015 Posting/Shoppers World Cinema); Heaven Help Us (March 2016 Posting/Screening Room); Hell is Sold Out (Feb. 2018 Posting/Matinees at the Bijoux); Hellstrom Chronicle, The (Jan. 2018 Posting/Outer Circle); High and the Mighty, The (July 2014 Posting/Concession Stand); High Plains Drifter (March 2016 Posting/Langley Theater); Hindenburg, The (Concession Stand/Dec. 2012 Posting); Histoires Extraordinares (July 2010 Posting); Hour of the Gun (May 2013 Posting/Nights at the St. George); House Across the Lake, The (March 2015 Posting/Hammer Time); House of Wax (1953) (June 2013 Posting/DVD Watch); How to Make a Monster (1958)(March 2016 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); How to Steal a Million (August 2014 Posting/Nights at the State Theater)

I:  I Am a Camera (Jan. 2018 Posting/The British Cinema);  I Was a Teenage Werewolf (April 2014 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In); Ice Station Zebra (March 2014 Posting/Nights at the Uptown); Immoral Mr. Teas, The (April 2014 Posting/Sexual Politics); Inside Deep Throat (Dec. 2013 Posting/Sexual Politics); Invaders From Mars (1953) (Nites at the Drive-In); Istanbul (Nov. 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); It Came From Beneath the Sea (June 2013 Posting/DVD Watch); It Came From Outer Space (Feb. 2018 Posting/Matinees at the Bijoux)incoldblood

J:  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (March 2015 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Jail Bait (July 2013 Posting/Matinees at the Bijoux); Jesus Christ Superstar (Jan. 2014 Posting/Nites at the Roth Theaters); Jezebels, The [see Switchblade Sisters]; Judgment at Nuremberg (Concession Stand); Jungle Street (Jan. 2018 Posting/Matinees at the Bijoux); Junior Bonner (Chandler’s Trailers); Juste avant la nuit (Jan. 2018 Posting/Sack Cinemas)

K: King Kong Escapes (Jan. 2018 Posting/MercadoCinema); Kiss, The (1896) (Jan 2018 Posting/Critical Establishment); Khartoum (Concession Stand III); Kronos (May 2013 Posting/Nites at the Drive-In)

L: La strage dei vampiri (March 2018 Posting/Cinema Italiano); Lady Frankenstein (August 2014 Posting/ Grindhouse); Last Detail, The (Oct. 2013 Posting/Nights at the Roth Theaters); Last Run, The (Feb. 2018 Posting/Roth Theaters);  Legend of the Lost (Concession Stand); Les Misèrables (2012) (Sept. 2013 Posting); Let It Be (Nov. 2013 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Lifeforce (April 2013 Posting/ Shopper’s World Cinema); Little Shop of Horrors, The (1960) (Jan. 2015 Posting/ Matinees at the Bijoux); Longest Day, The (June 2013 Posting/Nites at the Natick Drive-In); Love and Death (August 2012 Posting/Concession Stand)letsscarejessicatodeath

M:  Macchie solari (Nov. 2013 Posting/World in Giallo); Mackenna’s Gold (August 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); MacKintosh Man, The (Dec. 2013 Posting/Trailers); Mademoiselle Chambon (Trailers); Man With the Golden Arm, The (July 2013 Posting/Nights at the St. George Theater); Mark of the Devil (Oct. 2013 Posting/Nights at the Aspen Hill Cinema); Mars Attacks! (Feb. 2014 Posting/Concession Stand II); Mes chères études (July 2012 Posting/Sexual Politics); Mind of Mr. Soames, The (Nites at the Bellingham Drive-In); Missouri Breaks, The (Dec. 2013 Posting/Sack Cinemas); Mogambo (May 2012 Posting); Monster That Challenged the World, The (June 2013 Posting/Nites at the Bellingham Drive-In); Most Dangerous Game, The (Dec. 2011 Posting); Mountain, The (The Concession Stand II); Mud (May 2013 Posting); Murder, Inc. (Concession Stand); Murder on the Orient Express (Jan. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas); My Little Chickadee (The Concession Stand); My Week With Marilyn (April 2013 Posting); Mystery of the Wax Museum (June 2013 Posting/DVD Watch)

N:  Naked Jungle, The (April 2014 Posting/Natick Drive-In);  New Faces (April 2014 Posting/Remembrance of Films Forgotten); Night Flight From Moscow (see: “Serpent, Le”); Night of the Living Dead (1968) (May 2014 Posting/The Concession Stand); Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (May 2014 Posting/Nights at the State Theater); Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill, The (Feb. 2013 Posting/Grindhouse); Nude on the Moon (April 2014 Posting/Grindhouse)

O: Odd Couple, The (Jan. 2015 Posting/ Nights at the Langley Theate Omega Man, The (August 2012 Posting/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); 100 Rifles (June 2013 Posting/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); One Million Years B.C. (Nites at the Natick Drive-In); Outbreak (July 2013 Posting/Trailers)

P:  petite marchande d’allumettes, La (March 2014 Posting/The Silents); Phantom of the Opera, The (1925) (June 2013 Posting/The Silents); Place Beyond the Pines, The (May 2013 Posting); Posse (1975) (Jan. 2015 Posting/ Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); Professionel, Le (June 2013 Posting/Concession Stand II); Punishment Park (Feb. 2018 Posting/Art House); Putney Swope (Jan. 2018 Posting/Cinema 733);  Puzzle of a Downfall Child (June 2014 Posting/Aspen Hill Cinema)

Q: Quick and the Dead, The (Dec. 2013 Posting/Concession Stand III)

R:   Rage (Aug. 2014/Roth Theaters); [REC] (Concession Stand II); Red (2010) (Aug.2013 Posting/Concession Stand III); Remo William: The Adventure Begins (June 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Return of the Living Dead, The (July 2014 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas); Return to Glennascaul (Oct. 2013 Posting/Short Films); Rio Lobo (July 2014 Posting/Mercado Cinema); Rollerball (1975) (August 2014 Posting/Nights at the Uptown Theater)

S:  Sadie Thompson (May 2013 Posting/The Silents); Satellite in the Sky (DVD Watch); Sealed Room, The (July 2013 Posting/The Silents); Serpent, Le (Trailers); Seven-Ups, The (Trailers); Shadows and Fog (Sept. 2013 Posting/Concession Stand); Shaft (Concession Stand); Slaughterhouse-Five (Concession Stand); Sleeper (Sept. 2013 Posting/Nights at the Roth Theaters); Smashing Time (June 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); South Pacific (April 2013 Posting/Nights at the St. George);  Spirits of the Dead [see Histoires Extraordinares]; Star Trek- The Motion Picture (June 2015 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Star Trek (2009) (Concession Stand III); Steaming (Dec. 2013 Posting); Stolen Face (March 2013 Posting/Hammer Time); Student Services (see Mes chères études); St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, The (May 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (May 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Switchblade Sisters (Grindhouse)

T:   Tales From the Crypt (May 2013 Posting/Nites at the Queen’s Chapel Drive-In); Tales of Terror (Dec. 2013 Posting/Bellingham Drive-In); Tarantula (Dec. 2011 Posting);  Targets (April 2014 Posting/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In);   Teacher, The (June 2013 Posting/Nites at the Queen’s Chapel Drive-In); Ted (Sept. 2013 Posting); Tell-Tale Heart, The (1953) (Aug. 2013 Posting/Short Films); Them! (DVD Watch); 10th Victim, The (see: “decima vittima, La”); That’s Entertainment (May 2014 Posting/Coolidge Corner Theatre); There Was a Crooked Man…(March 2013 Posting/Nites at the Rockville Drive-In); Third Secret, The (June 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); 36 Hours (The Concession Stand); This Film is Not Yet Rated (Concession Stand II); This Island Earth (May 2013 Posting/Nites at the Natick Drive-In); Three Days of the Condor (Jan. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Shopper’s World Cinema);  Tingler, The (July 2015 Posting/Drive-In Cinema); Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Concession Stand II);  Toolbox Murders, The [1978] (Jan. 2014 Posting/ Grindhouse); Towering Inferno, The (March 2014 Posting/Nights at the Langley Theater); Train Robbers, The (Nov. 2014 Posting/Nights at the Langley Theater); Tread Softly Stranger (Feb. 2018 Posting/British Cinema);  Trollhunter (Dec. 2012 Posting/Concession Stand II);  True Grit [1969] (Mercado Cinema); True Grit [2010] (Concession Stand III);  20 Million miles to Earth (DVD Watch); Twilight’s Last Gleaming (October 2015 Posting/Concession Stand);  2010 (July 2014 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas)

U: Upstairs and Downstairs (Concession Stand)

V:  Vault of Horror, The (May 2013 Posting/Nites at the Queen’s Chapel Drive-In); Von Ryan’s Express (July 2013 Posting/Nights at the St. George Theater)

W: War Game, The (1962)(Jan. 2018 Posting/Short Films); War of the Colossal Beast (Sept. 2014 Posting); War Wagon, The (Concession Stand); Warning Sign (August 2014 Posting/Chandler’s Trailers); Westworld (November 2011 Posting); When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Nites at the Drive-In); Willard (1971) (June 2013 Posting / Mercado Cinema); Wind and the Lion, The (Trailers); Wizards (March 2014 Posting/Nights at the Sack Cinemas); World Without End (DVD Watch)

X:  X-Men (Chandler’s Trailers)


Z:  Zotz! (Matinees at the Bijoux)960__zazie_dans_le_metro_blu-ray_2x


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