That he is the greatest of all Italian directors is a topic of considerable debate, but it is clear that he is the figure most publicly associated with the Italian cinema, so much so that the adjectival label “Felliniesque” has become firmly entrenched in the international cinema lexicon. But what does that mean, exactly? What is it describing? Is it illustrative of an artistic body of work or more the flamboyant force of the man’s personality? Here we will examine these issues and more.

                       from the 1983 film “E la nave va”      (“And the Ship Sails On”)                        




  1. ABforeman says:

    Ah, Federico!

    I regret that I (former nom de internet “quimedelivera”; I still have the 1st CSR Culture Shock Award on my desktop) haven’t visited the site much over the last two years since I’ve been busy with school. But I did manage to catch “La Strada” at a local art/revival theater a few days ago, and it easily became my favorite of the several Fellinis I’ve seen. Would love to hear your thoughts on that film.

  2. bijoux82 says:

    Looking forward to more in this section. Its title also reminds me of a laughable “trivia” fact I once spotted on Ingmar Bergman’s imdb page: Ingmar Bergman inspired the term Bergmanesque. I’m sure your thoughts and others shared on this page will provide for a more enlightening interpretation of all things “esque.”

    • chandlerswainreviews says:

      Now this reminds me of an interesting story. (Cue the snooze alarm.) I was perusing an interesting article on the Los Angeles mystery tradition when there were numerous laudatory references to lit that was “Chandleresque” and I thought- “Wow! Somebody finally gets me.” – then I realized they were talking about Raymond Chandler. Hopes were dashed. Dreams collapsed. The universe no longer made sense. (Actually, it never made sense, but stick with me here because I hope I’m onto something.) Now… what can we learn from this experience? (You tell me, I haven’t a clue.)
      Good old Federico spent a lifetime defining himself in his films. I hope it will be fun to extract the nuggets while mining his creations. The more I watch them- especially his disappointments, of which there are many- I find them of increasing fascination.

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