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Slab Happy: “El cadáver de Anna Fritz” (2015)

       Slab Happy: “El cadáver de Anna Fritz”  (2015)      One need only glance at the sorry offerings on the local multiplex marquee to see that the commercial cinema is in a state of crisis. It is … Continue reading

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Unspeakable: “Aftermath” (1994)

      Extraordinarily grisly short film (part of a trilogy) that has been mistakenly (in perhaps the most indefensible case of wish fulfillment ever) cited as a work of art in some circles, (Then again, there was a point … Continue reading

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On the Spot: “[REC]” (2007)

      Spanish horror film intended as a piece of real-life video documentary. This is hardly a novel device, the premise finding previous exploitation most notably in Ruggero Deodato’s notorious 1980 “Cannibal Holocaust” and the Daniel Myrick/Eduardo Sánchez film … Continue reading

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