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Chandler’s Trailers: “The Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander” (1974)

   “The Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander” (1974)  Disregarding the content of the real-life Hollander’s memoirs ‘The Happy Hooker’, Larry G. Spangler’s film is merely an extremely crude patchwork of lackluster sex scenes framed as flashbacks as a fictitious rendition … Continue reading

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Down the Hatch: “Deep Throat” (1972)

      “Deep Throat“  (1972)      The only remotely interesting aspect of Gerard Damiano’s “Deep Throat” is that the film which is credited with the popular launching of the so-called era of “Porno Chic” and, with it, the … Continue reading

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Internal Obsession: “Love” (2015)

              Internal Obsession:  “Love”  (2015)     “Love” is Gaspar Noé’s least controversial and most emotionally accessible film to date; an astonishing statement when one considers that the film is liberally packed with scenes … Continue reading

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Passion Play: “Matinee” (2009)

                “MATINÉE”   (2009) A man and a woman encounter each other on a mattress and engage in heated coital action until reaching mutual satisfaction. With the exception of an equality emphasized in … Continue reading

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Duh is the New Sexy: “About Cherry” (2012)

__________________________________________________________         “About Cherry”  (2012) In days of old, the pastor, priest or conveniently situated village moral wag would extend the quivering finger of damnation at those to whom the communal boundaries of decency were found to … Continue reading

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Skinned: “Srpski film” / “A Serbian Film” (2010)

“Srpski film” / “A Serbian Film”  (2010) Starring Srdjan Todorovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Jelena Gavrilovic, Katrina Zutic, Ana Sakic. Written by Srdjan Spasojevic & Aleksandar Radivojevic. Directed by Srdjan Spasojevic. Is there anything more repellent than the attempted sugar-coating of diseased depravity under … Continue reading

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Lens Wide Shut: “Aroused” (2013)

          “Aroused”     (2013)    The collision of artistically celebrated photographic sensibilities and the illusion of the pornographic fantasy image is intended to be explored in what is meant to be a sympathetic exposure of … Continue reading

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What a Woman Wants?: “The Autobiography of a Flea” (1976)

     It begins promisingly with an attention to detail rare in adult films, even during the so-called “Golden Age of Porn” (Has anyone noticed what a contradictory label that is: if pornography is presumed to be material that is … Continue reading

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