Beach Blanket Bronto: “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” (1971)

0000dinosaurswhen_dinosaurs_ruled_earth_poster_01      Once hitting pay dirt with the Raquel Welch vehicle “One Million Years B.C.”, Hammer Films would leave no cave unexplored in producing their next monosyllabic prehistoric epic, “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth”.

      Forgoing the iconic presence of Ms. Welch, the producers opted for the less comely Playboy Playmate Victoria Vetri (aka: Angela Dorian), who seems quite pleasant but also appears stupified by the mechanics of a process called “acting”- generally limiting her performance to either smiling prettily or sucking in her stomach. Naturally, since this is a late period Hammer production, it is a typical B & B vehicle: Beasts and Breasts, of which there is an ample supply of both on display, though not so explicitly as to endanger the lenient G rating. (Though in the overseas version there is far more ample female nudity [see left] on display which demonstrates which B concedes to Continental tastes.) The dinosaurs on display are courtesy of the talented Jim Danforth, yet even these are also-rans to the more potently realized creatures of Ray Harryhausen from the previous picture.

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