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“Fear and Desire” (1953)

        “Fear and Desire”  (1953)     Stanley Kubrick’s feature debut (after three short subjects) as photographer, editor, producer and director, “Fear and Desire”, is an extremely low budget war drama with art house pretensions. It is … Continue reading

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Revisit: Wait Training: “Day of the Fight” (1951)

          “DAY OF THE FIGHT”    (1951) (Originally posted on Feb. 14, 2014)     Stanley Kubrick’s first attempt at motion picture movie making is this short film inspired by his own photo essay on middleweight boxer Walter Cartier published … Continue reading

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The Human Animal: “Planet of the Apes” (1968)

      If by its general definition which includes an elemental nihilism in both its thematic genetics and within the limited but evident visual aesthetic, film noir is certainly the most  formally pessimistic of the film genres. However, with the … Continue reading

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