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Splits: “The Cheerleaders” (1973)

         “The Cheerleaders”     (1973)     With “The Cheerleaders”, director Paul Glickler answers the musical question: just what goes on in the heads of America’s annoying sideline screamers? If his film is any accurate indication, the answer is simple: … Continue reading

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Chandler’s Trailers: “Sex By Advertisement” (1968)

“Sex By Advertisement”  (1968)  Is it a mockumentary on the subject of “degenerate” sex, or simply another sleazy sexploitation film pretending to have social significance in order to elude prosecution? A little of both actually, though the former may be … Continue reading

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Empty Space: “Space Thing” (1968)

       “Space Thing”  (1968)     The most meritoriously insignificant of films, surely among which Byron Mabe’s “Space Thing” may be unhesitatingly included, may often offer themselves up as the bearers of small life lessons concerning the creative … Continue reading

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Roughage: “Bad Girls Go to Hell” (1965)

            “Bad Girls Go to Hell”   (1965)     Crossing the perilous chasm that separates the blasé nudie and the realm of the deliberately provocative roughie, director Doris Wishman appears to delve into the … Continue reading

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Corset Interruptus: “The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill” (1966)

    With little relation, save the inclusion of the eponymous heroine’s name, to the famous literary scandalmonger, “The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill” introduces Fanny’s offspring Kissy in a colorfully filmed (by later Hollywood heavyweight cinematographer László Kovács) but narratively … Continue reading

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