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Again, Savages: “No moriré sola” (2008)

         “No moriré sola”  (2008)      There are times when a solitary movie makes you regret the invention of the cinema. “No moriré sola”, a.k.a. “I’ll Never Die Alone”, is made by people who evidently found … Continue reading

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Shooting Blanks: “Inseminoid” (1981)

              “Inseminoid”  (1981)     With imitation being the shortest route to the creation of bad movies, it was only a matter of counting down the minutes before “Alien”, a prestige recycling of the … Continue reading

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Violated: “Hannie Caulder” (1972)

         “Hannie Caulder”  (1972)     Sometimes a movie is crafted with an admirable skill that, while falling short of artistry, manages to work quiet wonders in the small details which through an amalgam of calculated design, … Continue reading

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Smeared: “Lipstick” (1976)

       “LIPSTICK”     (1976) What is it about certain truly bad movies and their ability to provoke heated (as opposed to passionate) and angry (as opposed to intelligent) argumentation (as opposed to debate) in a way that few exceptional films lend … Continue reading

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