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Look What They Done to My War, Ma: “F.T.A.” (1972)

        “F.T.A.”  (1972)      In Michael Wadleigh’s celebrated 1970 documentary “Woodstock”, the myth of the purity of Sixties radicalism takes a sharp stick in the eye when the cumulative evidence reveals that rather than the three … Continue reading

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Blue Mooned: “Barbarella” (1968)

     Jean-Claude Forest’s comic book adventuress  is given the Mid-Sixties psychodelic Dino de Laurentiis treatment in “Barbarella”, a vapid, would-be sexploitation vehicle directed without a successful snooze alarm by that most odious of dirty minded Euro-sexual imps, Roger Vadim.      … Continue reading

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Cavorting in Lockstep: “Barefoot in the Park” (1967)

       Gene Saks’ film of Neil Simon’s Broadway hit retains much of the feel of a stage production as it feels artificial and performed by the two leads in a manner which suggests Proscenium Arch (most of the … Continue reading

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