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Shadows and Fog: “The City of the Dead” (1960)

       Shadows and Fog:  “The City of the Dead”  (1960) A caveat: the following article may reveal destinations of plotting that may despoil a virginal viewing of the film. Reader discretion is advised.           … Continue reading

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Violated: “Hannie Caulder” (1972)

         “Hannie Caulder”  (1972)     Sometimes a movie is crafted with an admirable skill that, while falling short of artistry, manages to work quiet wonders in the small details which through an amalgam of calculated design, … Continue reading

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Poe in the Cinema: “The Oblong Box” (1969)

         “The Oblong Box”  (1969)       Gordon Hessler’s “The Oblong Box” is a tepid and dishonest attempt at a continuation of American International’s ongoing Edgar Allan Poe inspired series of films which began with Roger Corman’s 1959 “House of Usher”, … Continue reading

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Tourist Trapped: “Dracula Prince of Darkness” (1966)

      “Dracula Prince of Darkness”  (1966)    Religious piety receives a refreshing shot in the arm in Terence Fisher’s “Dracula, Prince of Darkness”-  the long delayed direct sequel to the 1958 “Horror of Dracula” (or “Dracula” for purists situated … Continue reading

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Snakes on the Brain: “The Gorgon” (1964)

          With “The Gorgon”, Hammer Films demonstrate the dangers of the tiresome formulaic rut in which their entire line of Gothic inspired horror films was sinking into several years before the creative stasis would become evidently irreversible. … Continue reading

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