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All Banged Up and No Place to Go: “Number One” (1969)

        “Number One”  (1969)     Considering the amount of complex psychology involved in both the achieving and the rudimentary maintenance of high level performance in sports, it is surprising how little of this is reflected in … Continue reading

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Shake and Quake: “San Andreas” (2015)

              “San Andreas”  (2015) SPOILER ALERT: There is a reference in the following piece, which reveals climactic events in the 1970’s disaster films “Earthquake” and “The Poseidon Adventure”.     California is hit by a series … Continue reading

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It’s a Man’s World: “The Naked Jungle” (1954)

        Carl Stephenson’s short story Leiningen Versus the Ants is made for the movies: a brief, incidental but excitingly pulpy tale of a transplanted plantation owner who is battling an overwhelming wave of nomadic army ants- not … Continue reading

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