Chandler’s Trailers: “Where Does It Hurt?” (1972)

wheredoesithurt4“Where Does It Hurt?” (1972) If Paddy Chayefsky’s attempt at satirizing the medical establishment fell short of the mark in Arthur Hiller’s “The Hospital” from the previous year, Rod Amateau’s rather loathsome burlesque “Where Does It Hurt?” arrives as a far less bitter, but certainly more tiresome prescription for comedy. Examining the exploits within the fictitious Vista Vue Hospital the film communicates a callous scorn at the entirety of the medical profession; not merely the executive bean counters, but every nurse, doctor, orderly and specimen jar in view. The method of the film’s increasingly strained attempts at humor consists entirely of noisy set-ups to obvious and crude punchlines which are unceasingly punctuated with inappropriate and irritating country music insertions that seem intended to act as an electric prod catalyst to cue audience reaction (a filmic version of the boob tube laugh track?) but even the most undiscriminating sense of humor would find insubstantial reason to summon a chuckle here.
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2 Responses to Chandler’s Trailers: “Where Does It Hurt?” (1972)

  1. beetleypete says:

    It sounds bloody awful. Glad I never bothered to watch it.
    Regards, Paddy Chayefsky.

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