Good Clean Fun: “Girls, Girls, Girls!” (1961)

GIRL POWER: In a surprising eleventh hour twist, three young beauties dare suggest that career success is entirely complementary with corresponding romantic attachment in Michael Winner’s unexpectedly breezy short subject “Girls, Girls, Girls!”.

       “Girls, Girls, Girls!”  (1961)

    “Girls, Girls, Girls!” (not to be confused with the next year’s Elvis Presley feature with the same title) announces itself with a sexy and stylish Pop Art title sequence suggestive of a rather saucy romantic romp, when in fact the film is a chaste but charming bit of fluff masquerading as a brief documentary recording the exploits of three young beauties and the remarkable ease with which they aspire to and attain career success in London. Their story, rather than being told with the institutional civil service gravitas commonplace in many “socially significant” instructional shorts of the 1950’s (films often leaden with a fidgety cautionary earnestness that renders the material, no matter how innocuous the subject, unintentionally comic), transpires with a breezy tone similar to that which one might associate with a Sandra Dee romantic comedy. This lighthearted, yet surprisingly informative (a great deal of information is imparted about such topics as photographic composition and lighting as well as creative cosmetic application) short might be deemed dismissively trivial save for early and interesting participatory credentials by an unlikely source of innocent amusement, writer-director Michael Winner, and future Bond Girl Tania Mallet.  

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