Farm Hands: “Jennie, Wife/Child” (1968)

jennie1      “Jennie, Wife/Child”   (1968)

    For the advanced connoisseur of sexploitation sleaze, “Jennie, Wife/Child” is bound to disappoint. But for those trulyjenniewifechildos interested in the cinema in all of its permutations, and the small, unexpected demonstrations of unheralded accomplishment in the most unlikely of vehicles, there is much to consider, even admire, in this umpteenth telling of the jealous farmer and his sexy but unhappy (not to mention unsatisfied) young trophy bride.

    The subject of endless derisive dirty jokes, the curmudgeon farmer as cuckold (or outraged parent of a violated tease in the farmer’s daughter variations) is here represented by Albert Peckingpaw (Jack Lester), whose miserly ways has created a frisson in his May -December marriage to twenty four year old Jennie (Beverly Lunsford) who, realistically, is a bit long in the tooth to be continuously referenced as a child bride. Finding little romantic sustenance in Albert’s refusal to buy her pretty baubles, Jennie seeks comfort in the person of their farm hand Mario (Jim Reader), a Jethro Bodine wannabe who, as prescribed by the rules of Hollywood stereotyping in the depiction of rural laborers, is as dumb as a bale of hay. Mario spends his leisure time becoming inebriated by swigging on liquor bottles which are obviously empty, while Jennie orbits about the barnyard dullard, with her dreams of erotic rewards sparked by the fact that Mario is often shirtless and sweaty despite the fact that he rarely engages in labor more strenuous  than trying to remember which chores to do. Peckingpaw catches his wife in flagrante delicto merely by hearing her giggle (the film is surprisingly chaste), a demonstration of far more active imagination than the farmer has previously exercised. Naturally, being the product of heated melodrama, Peckingpaw reacts not with reason or self-reflection, but with the planning of a murderous revenge.

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12 Responses to Farm Hands: “Jennie, Wife/Child” (1968)

  1. The post I was commenting on (on your blog) was about a picture he took of a duck. I don’t know how my comment landed on your post, Chandler…

  2. johnrieber says:

    A great writeup on a film that is a great example of 60’s exploitation, offering lurid stories to adventurous moviegoers in the seedy parts of town!

  3. beetleypete says:

    New to me, but from your review, it sounds well above average for the genre.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. I like the Mandarin duck pictures. What a pleasant day and hearty meal.

  5. This sounds like the kind of movie Garry watches late at night with headphones while I listen to an audiobook. Interesting casting but somehow, I have a feeling it’s not my kind of sleaze.

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