Again, Savages: “No moriré sola” (2008)

nomoriresola6          “No moriré sola”  (2008)

     There are times when a solitary movie makes you regret the invention of the cinema. “No moriré sola”, a.k.a. “I’ll Never Die Alone”, is made by people who evidently found “Innomoriresolaos Spit On Your Grave” too cerebral an experience; weighed down, as it must have been, with an inconvenient excess of sociopolitical baggage (called in civilized circles: excuse making) which inconveniently intruded upon the visceral thrill to be had in watching a woman repeatedly brutalized and raped. 

   “No moriré sola” is far more straightforward in its intentions. A carload of young women stops to help a shot (though the condition of her body suggests additional brutal treatment) and dying woman laying on the side of the road. In reporting the incident, the women are summarily beaten and raped (and more) by the same fellows who killed the first victim.  That’s about it for anything which might resemble a plot as though the production has been streamlined even from the spare example of its obvious source of inspiration.

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2 Responses to Again, Savages: “No moriré sola” (2008)

  1. beetleypete says:

    Interesting to read this, as I just bought a similar film (used copy- cheap) last week. It is called ‘Revenge’, and the plot sounds very close to this one. I bought it based on glowing reviews on other blogs, and also on some film review TV shows here. They all put it over as a ‘female empowerment’ film, where the girl gets her own back on the awful men. Have you seen this one?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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