Seasons Gratings: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, 2018 Advent Calendar Edition, Vol. 50% off

advent0Seasons Gratings: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, 2018 Advent Calendar Edition, Vol. 50% off

    In observance of this festive holiday season, the good folk at Chandler Swain Reviews have decided to desist from the usual obvious jabs at Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and the rest of that cadre of cauldron stirring crones to whom the hashtag #MeToo is useful only as a response to the musical question: “who else would like a bribe”? And with that bit of magnanimous conciliation we present this month’s special edition, brought to you in special CSR Daytime Savings Time (special glasses needed to participate are available at 7-Eleven locations nationwide, free with any purchase of a specially up/down marked Florida Orange Recount  Slurpee), of America’s most popular reason for giving up the Internet,babesintoylandgif the Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you, as always, by those good folks who provide the world SKITTLES, America’s favorite breakfast candy. In this edition we present the cinematic equivalent of a Christmas Advent Calendar, with a twenty six photo countdown to the Day of Yule (Brynner?) with letters substituting for numbers. Don’t look for candy behind the flaps as that great social scientist Michelle Obama, famous for imposing the ” Lunchtime Purging Project” on the nation’s schoolchildren with the introduction of kale-rich menus, quietly forced lawmakers (through threats of removing the Congressional Martini Bar with a buffet of cruciferous vegetables) to enact Congressional Resolution “AH485911647-0019287756 which provides that “no online advent calendar may offer any other than samplings of sarcasm rather than pleasing, sugary treats, exempt are WH Executive editions which may grant offerings of yummy half smokes and tobacco products to Oval Office participants”, an elitist and inhumane proclamation roundly applauded by our caustically antisocial editorial offices. Way to go, babe. But I digress… The following twenty six images are randomly selected from our extensive (a whole drawer full!) photo archives of useless movie stills. There is to be no thematic connection among the picturesadventgif2 to be inferred beyond that of our usual motive in attempting to baffle, confuse and otherwise annoy the whole of the Internet reading world, with a special attention given to one particularly crabby Brit (and Alex). The challenge is the usual one of identification of the films depicted, this time with a twist. In deference to the difficulty with which these puzzles are met by those who don’t have the answers right in front of them when putting them together, we have devised, for this edition, a kind of excogitative cheat sheet in labelling the photos with an alphabetical rather than numerical designation. The name of the film will correspond with the letter of the image, thus providing a valuable clue in aiding the correct completion of the puzzle. The first twenty to correctly identify all twenty six film will receive the often imitated and more often declared a public health hazard, the CSR Culture Shock Award, suitable for framing or dipping in a tasty onion dip. Good luck.

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About chandlerswainreviews

I've been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn and a king, not necessarily in that order. My first major movie memory was being at the drive-in at about 1 1/2 yrs. old seeing "Sayonara" so I suppose an interest in film was inevitable. (For those scoring at home- good for you- I wasn't driving that evening, so no need to alert authorities.)Writer, critic and confessed spoiler of women, as I have a tendency to forget to put them back in the refrigerator. My apologies.
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8 Responses to Seasons Gratings: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, 2018 Advent Calendar Edition, Vol. 50% off

  1. beetleypete says:

    This crabby Brit actually sees himself as English, rater than ‘British’, but I will forgive your colonial misunderstanding. I doubt your generous clues are going to help much, but thanks anyway.
    Nice to see that you added one of my all-time top ten films for C. Thanks very much for that.
    So, here goes nothing, in reverse order.

    Z. I like Jan Troell films as a rule, and ‘Everlasting Moments’ is one of my favourites. So this must be ‘Zandy’s Bride’, with Liv Ullman. (The Z helped)
    Y. Young At Heart.
    X. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes. (Alex got that one)
    W. That’s Jerry Lewis, in a shop. So it must be ‘Who’s Minding The Store?’
    V. Lino Ventura, one of my favourite actors. So, a double-V, with The Valachi Papers.
    U. Jacqueline Bisset, so Under The Volcano. (The U did help)
    T. Seeing Ron Moody there helped. The Twelve Chairs.
    S. Ah, Ralph Meeker in B&W. Something Wild.
    R. Brian Keith in a golden glow. Reflections In A Golden Eye.
    Q. Queen Margot. (La Reine Margot really). One of the most fabulous historical dramas, in my opinion.
    P. British thespian Robert Stephens as Sherlock. The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes.
    O. Obsessione. An early version of The Postman Always Rings Twice.
    N. Rod Steiger and N. It must be No Way to Treat A Lady. (The N helped)
    M. The lovely Deneuve of course. But I have to guess, from the M. Un Monsieur de Compagnie.
    L. Luckily, I recognised Paula Prentiss. So with the clue, it must be The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers.
    K. I saw this at the cinema, but had to think hard. The K clinched it. Krakatoa, East Of Java.
    J. No. Even after 3 cups of coffee, I couldn’t get this one. Annoying!
    I. Thanks to the NFT in London, I did see this Italian classic. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion. (I had to look up the full title though)
    H. A wasted youth perhaps, but I did see this Jean Simmons film. A Happy Ending. (The H helped)
    G. Thanks are due once again to a season of Japanese films at the NFT. Gate Of Flesh.
    F. Alex was correct. Fahrenheit 451.
    E. Robert Blake and Billy Green Bush in a much neglected modern classic. Electra Glide In Blue.
    D. Tab Hunter, and D. Must be Damn Yankees.
    C. Il Conformista. Sublime! (The Conformist)
    B. Luckily, this was on TV just the other day. Broken Lance.
    A. Using the look of the still for period, and adding the A, I eventually came up with The Arrangement.
    So, the clues helped a great deal, after all. I am annoyed that I still can’t get J, and will kick myself later.
    One No, one guess, and a reasonably confident, perhaps over-confident, 24/26. It must have been those 3 cups of coffee. 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Never confuse colonial swagger for misunderstanding. Did Col. Teddy say that or was that me? I forget. A fine and dandy 24 out of 26. (Don’t you drink tea over there?) Don’t kick yourself over “J”. Let Ollie do it. It’s good exercise.

  2. Alex Good says:

    Argh. Usually I miss out on these because I haven’t seen the movies they’re taken from, but I’m sure I’ve seen a few of these that I’m just not getting.

    E is for Easy Rider (I think)
    F is for Fahrenheit 451
    X is for X the Man with X-Ray Eyes

    Pretty terrible scorecard this time. I’ll leave it to Pete to get all the rest.

    • beetleypete says:

      Not quite Alex. But it was a good list for me. I think you got E wrong though, or maybe I did?. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

    • 2 out of 3. (I didn’t foresee that natural alternative on letter “E”. Interesting.) I appreciate the effort as you are well aware, while making up these puzzles, they seem like a piece of cake. However, it’s always different when on the other side of the table. Like my memory lapses with franchise films. Perhaps I should exploit that Achilles Heel and make a puzzle based solely on those movies, though I’d probably get my answer key all wrong. Ah well.

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