Mother Knows Best: “Career Bed” (1969)



HEY, THAT’S NOT WHERE YOU LOOK FOR LOOSE CHANGE:  Hopeful starlet Susan (Lisa Duran, aka, later hardcore adult actress Jennifer Welles) finds that the road to fame and fortune is paved with as many oddball characters as Alice’s trip through a Harvey Weinstein version of Wonderland, in Joel M. Reed’s “Career Bed”.

                     “Career Bed”  (1969)

   “Don’t give up your virginity for some silly boy, it’s too important an asset.”

     With motherly advice like this is it any wonder that stage mothers have a bad reputation? This situation will certainly not be alleviated by the lurid details of a mother’s crass exploitation of her daughter which are the essence of Joel M. Reed’s “Career Bed”; less a cautionary tale than a tour through the unrelieved depravities to becareerOS found in the world of show business with just the merest suggestion of a “come hither” look.

    Susan (Jennifer Welles, here identified as Lisa Duran) travels to the New York City to become a great star at the urging of her frustrated and highly oversexed mother Mrs. Potter (Honey Hunter). Despite Susan’s lack of any type of performance ability, Mrs. Potter arranges for a series of contacts with the sleaziest assortment of depraved men (one resembling, coincidentally, an eerie doppelgänger of Woody Allen), each of whom claim to be able to  give her fame and fortune in exchange for using the supposed virgin as a sexual amusement park. 


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1 Response to Mother Knows Best: “Career Bed” (1969)

  1. beetleypete says:

    I have never seen this, and suspect it is simply awful. However, I do have a soft spot for softcore exploitation films, and mention of a ‘lesbian agent with ulterior motives’ piques my interest, I confess. 🙂
    But as it is unlikely to ever appear on TV, and there is no reason on earth to try to find it on DVD, I will just have to be satisfied with your stills.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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