Who Needs That Ther’ Book Lernin’?: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, July 2018 Edition, Vol. 451



WHAT A DUMP! Demonstrative of the foolishness of concepts like Nations Without Borders, our experiment with LIBRARIES WITHOUT SHELVES wasn’t exactly a boast worthy success.

Who Needs That Ther’ Book Lernin’?:  Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, July 2018 Edition, Vol. 451

    Despite such contemporary wizards as Mark Zuckerberg asserting the notion that modern life requires little more wisdom than can be drawn from indicating a “like” on such essential internet pages as Photos of DeNiro’s Mole (perhaps whoever steals yourlibraryGIF2 identity thanks to the tee shirted one selling your personal information to such trustworthy individuals as shadowy Chinese corporations [Do lead laced baby toys ring a bell?] will do better as you on the SAT tests), the need for genuine knowledge continues. (Listen here Butch, CSR likes-  loves, actually  -pepperoni pizza, but that doesn’t indicate the necessity for a reality detached lifestyle.) In a world saturated by billions of websites, and with almost ninety five percent of them quoting misinformation from Wikipedia verbatim, it occurs to the clinically analytical mind how truly unreliable the Internet has become and how seductive the siren call is to return to that increasingly overlooked resource, that resting place of the wisdom of the ages: the library. Why are books necessary? Natural selection. Presumably people too stupid in the proper use of books will suffer grievous amounts of paper cuts and bleed out, thus thinning the herd so the rest of us can enjoy our weekends without the annoyance of those extra multitudes (not to mention the promise of future idiot offspring). And with that pre-Holiday message of cheer and goodwill to all (but fewer) good Men (Meant in the sense of Mankind. If you want to take issue here with the “proper” usage of gender neutral pronouns, I have a sharp edged book you might wish to consult.), we present this month’s edition of that most erudite of brain puzzles, the Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you this month by the makers of SKITTLES, America’s favorite breakfast candy. In this edition we celebrate the library as depicted in films. It’s that simple. No need for a refresher course in the Dewey Decimal System, just identify the film from which each of the following twenty five images have been taken. (And in deference to our readers, this once is a cinch.) The first to identify all twenty five successfully will receive the coveted and somewhat terrifying CSR Culture Shock Award. Good luck.



About chandlerswainreviews

I've been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn and a king, not necessarily in that order. My first major movie memory was being at the drive-in at about 1 1/2 yrs. old seeing "Sayonara" so I suppose an interest in film was inevitable. (For those scoring at home- good for you- I wasn't driving that evening, so no need to alert authorities.)Writer, critic and confessed spoiler of women, as I have a tendency to forget to put them back in the refrigerator. My apologies.
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3 Responses to Who Needs That Ther’ Book Lernin’?: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, July 2018 Edition, Vol. 451

  1. beetleypete says:

    Good to see you back! I was hoping that you hadn’t dropped off the perch… 🙂
    This one is hard!
    25) No idea.
    24) The Mummy.
    23) The Time Machine. Remake
    22) Urban legend. Luckily, I just watched this on TV recently
    21) Coach Carter. (I turned that off before the end, not my thing at all)
    20) Ghostbusters.
    19) Definitely haven’t seen this one. 🙂
    18) I spotted Royal Dano, but cannot remember the film for the life of me.
    17) Nope!
    16) Atonement. Keira in the green dress.
    15) The Book Thief? (Guess.)
    14. All The President’s Men.
    13) Haven’t seen this either.
    12) It’s Liam Neeson of course, but not sure which film.
    11) Letter From An Unknown Woman.
    10) The name of The Rose. Loved the book, and the film!
    09) No idea.
    08) Good News. I love old musicals.
    07) Se7en. Or Seven, if you prefer.
    06) Lost on me!
    05) The Paper Chase. I think…
    04) Marathon Man.
    03) One I feel I should know, but don’t. 😦
    02) Night Of the Demon. An underrated film indeed.
    01) The Music man. I didn’t like it, but my Mum loved it.

    Only 15, plus one guess. You set us a tough one, Chandler, or I am just getting too old.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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