Too Much Monkey Business: “King Kong Escapes” (1968)


If, (from left to right) Akira Takarada, Linda Miller and Rhodes Reason, the cast of “King Kong Escapes”, are staring at something off-screen, the sight of any dignity remaining intact in their film careers is probably not a bet on which you would want to risk your paycheck.

     “King Kong Escapes”  (1968)

    If one were to remove all of the unconvincing effects shots from “King Kong Escapes” (and some of them are fairly wince inducing, even by Japanese standards), it would remain an embarrassing resume filler, perhaps palatable only to the most undiscriminating pre-toddlers who might find the Man-in-the-tattered-carpet-remnant-ape-suit a great companion with their Binky Blanket. An unofficial extension of the Saturday morning Rankin/Bass produced cartoon series “The King Kong Show” (though the similarities seem only to extend to the participation of producer Arthur Rankin, Jr. and some form of the big monkey himself), the film seizes upon the matinee movie popularity of Japanese kaiju films combined with a seemingly insatiable appetite for trivial junk to make the most famous resident of the Empire State Building suddenly reappear in the Pacific Rim long enough to for his strength to be harnessed for nefarious purposes by the evil Dr. Hu, who is easily recognized as the bad guy as he is the only one in the film running around in a leftover Mexican vampire cape.

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4 Responses to Too Much Monkey Business: “King Kong Escapes” (1968)

  1. beetleypete says:

    Rhodes Reason is such a great name. I might change my blog’s name to that. 🙂

    • I like that. (Would it be Rhodes’ Reason?) It may be a great way to blindside all of those Internet marketers who are stalking you. (And as a bonus, maybe you’ll mistakenly receive all of his royalty checks?)

  2. beetleypete says:

    I am tempted to say I never want to see this, but when it came out, I was nearly 17, and thought I was too ‘cool’ for such things. Now I am an old goat, I might well enjoy it.
    And let’s face it, anyone who adopted the stage name ‘Rhodes Reason’ deserves a watch…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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