A Case for Cautionary Galoshes: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz; Sept. 2017 Edition; Vol. 40

A Case for Cautionary Galoshes: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz; Sept. 2017 Edition; Vol. 40

    Occasionally life mirrors popular art (like when the invented adventures of one Baron Munchausen have recently been updated in a “nonfiction” version entitled What Happened [AKA, How Come My Husband is More Popular Than I When He’s Such a Dick?]), though that mirroring is not always a friendly reminder of those elements in which we casually find vicarious entertainment value, despite the fact that the source of amusement be of a nature that might be abhorrent or, at least, unlikely to be welcomed in the context of a rapidly disappearing perspective called reality; such as extreme violence or bumping into Elizabeth Taylor. Such, sad to say at this time, it is with the subject of floods, a phenomenon quite irksome in the real world, while providing safe fixes of visceral thrills in the continuously hyper-stimulated bag of tricks we call the cinema. (Not to mention that the rise of real world heroism and selfless humanitarianism eclipses and shatters the self-perpetuated myths of those lecturing, preening Hollywood phonies whose experience with genuine heroics comes no closer than standing in front of a green screen.) So, with this in mind, and with all deference to those good folks of the Lone Star State, we present this month’s edition of America’s most trusted source of cerebral irritation. the Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you, as always, by SKITTLESAmerica’s favorite organic artificially flavored breakfast candy. In this challenge we give attention to those films which feature that enemy to basement apartment dwellers everywhere: the flood. Each of the following twelve images are taken from film which feature an inconvenient excess of water as a major element or climax. The challenge, as always, is to correctly identify the following twelve images. The first to do so will receive the increasingly rare CSR Culture Shock award, entirely usable as a fishing lure while trout fishing. Good luck.













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