Pressure Point: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, October 2015 Edition, Vol. 40

00000oct03PRESSURE POINT: Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, October 2015 Edition, Vol. 40

 If one thing is certain, it’s that if the current White House claims the world is enjoying an historically unprecedented condition of peace and harmony, you had better start digging the bomb shelters and learning conversational Farsi in a quick jiffy. With this last bit of homespun wisdom in mind, we bring you this month’s edition of America’s favorite anti-Socialist (Take that you Red stooges from Vermont!) play-at-home therapy session:  the monthly Classic Film Images Photo Quiz, brought to you-  as always  -by the dedicated manufacturing cartel responsible for SKITTLES, America’s most addictive breakfast glen-or-glenda_o_GIFSoup.comcandy. In this current edition, we celebrate those wonderful characters of the Silver Screen who were of sufficient presence of mind to understand what a hopeless miasma of chaos, unchecked brutality and barbaric incivility the world has devolved into: and that’s just calling Moviefone.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen (or in deference to radical gender-neutral Oregonians: doofi.), it is time for the annual celebration of Characters in Crisis, a pageant of anxiety and existential angst so severely unrelenting that in addressing this current edition, it was thought to be heard, during his recent East Coast visit, from the interior of the Popemobile, the utterance: “All hope lost.” (Though to be fair, the Holy Father could have been referring to the announced withdrawal of Howard Stern from the grammatically challenged America’s Got Talent.) In any case, the following twelve images each depict a film character in the midst of high pressure psychological crisis, not to mention featuring generally sourpuss expressions. Your task is to identify the title of all twelve films, relay that information to this site and win the beloved CSR Culture Shock Award. No pressure, eh?  Good luck.













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