Playing Cop: “They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!” (1970)


      “They Call Me Mister Tibbs!” is an entirely inconsequential follow-up to the excellent 1967 Norman Jewison crime drama “In the Heat of the Night”, retaining only the title character (the title itself is a direct lift of a line from the first film) and needlessly shifting the homicide detective’s milieu to the sunnier but far less interesting San Francisco, instead of the original film’s Philadelphia (where the beat of Quincy Jones’ pre-“Shaft” driving urban funk might have found a more appropriately gritty venue). Were this the only difference from the first film, the geographic dislocation might have gone unnoticed, but Gordon Douglas’ sequel is far more problematic; reducing a tempestuous, indignant and interesting character into a placid generic gumshoe whose greatest concern during a homicide investigation is for his young son to clean his room.

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