Chandler’ Trailers: “Lost in Space” (1998)

000lostinspace     Nostalgia often bathes a rosy patina upon material, which by way of sentiment or initial exposure during a more innocent and impressionable age (i.e. we were too young to know any better), finds a contented foothold in the back alleys of the memory, paying little heed to the caveat that all that glitters in the mind’s eye is usually fool’s gold. A case in point being Stephen Hopkins’ film of the 1960’s television perennial “Lost in Space”, itself an updated hybrid of the beloved Johann Wyss novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ by that purveyor of  taste and nuance, Irwin Allen. The film follows the same basic premise of the TV series-  the stranding of a familial crew on a deep space mission, floundering in uncharted cosmic waters  -though, to be sure, there are the expected updates to make the film feel more hip and contemporary; the kind of contextual tweaks which almost ensure that no one will find enjoyment between the opening credits and the closing, and wildly inappropriate hip-hop arrangements. First of all, the mission is one of desperation: the Jupiter II (What happened to Jupiter I?) is being sent on a mission to the only charted planet discovered to be habitable to human life, a fortunate circumstance since pollution and overuse of Earth’s resources have rendered the Big Blue Marble uninhabitable, though the ship’s mission to reach the distant planet Alpha Prime so that Prof. John Robinson (William Hurt) may lead in the construction of a companion hypergate (a huge mechanical donut in space through which one travels for immediate arrival on the other end) would seem to be more practical if his ship were manned by actual engineers and construction crews with equipment as opposed to his caustic, whining brood who spend much of the journey in an interstellar version of kicking the front seat of the car, though in this case, a uselessly spacious and empty flying saucer.
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2 Responses to Chandler’ Trailers: “Lost in Space” (1998)

  1. Yes nostalgia too often scents our memories more sweeter than the truth. This movie is unnecessary but remembered fondly. Great review.

  2. beetleypete says:

    I’m with you. Pointless remake of the TV series, that let’s face it, wasn’t that great to begin with.
    Another sharp one, well incised.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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