Chandler’s Trailers: “Two-Minute Warning” (1976)


000twominutewarning1     Larry Peerce’s “Two-Minute Warning” is a textbook demonstration of the thriller done wrong and a vivid example of the type of creatively milquetoast filmmaking which infected Universal during the 1970’s under the tutelage of the Lew Wasserman talent-agent-as-creative-artist mentality: generic all-star dramas (if the term “all-star” were devoid of all meaning except to indicate “somewhat familiar faces”) which reduced the subject of the project-  be it disaster epic, swashbuckler, crime drama, war or biography  -to an assembly line Ross Hunter-like blandness of television-level artifice that felt particularly untouched by cinematic inspiration. This sniper at a football game drama begins with endless and quite meaningless shots of the L.A. Coliseum which will become the focus of the spectacle; none of which impart any useful information in terms of understanding the tactical difficulties specific to this location in removing the upcoming assassin from his perch; it’s all decorative window dressing, existing with the excuse to introduce the story’s setting, but merely providing a numbing visual filler intended to stretch an already threadbare premise to feature length.

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