New 2014 Fall Film Course Offerings

atouchofclass3The Film School at Smarterin University has just announced five new course offerings for the upcoming 2014 Fall Semester:


The course will follow the movement of avant-garde throughout the silent film era beginning Hugo Magbauer’s breakthrough in creating cinema Dadaism after accidentally projecting a Ben Turpin film out of focus. Students will study the artistic effect of superimposition, optical dissolves and touching negatives with unclean fingers after eating a tuna sandwich.  Course will include study on Helmut Kogginjwzk’s extensive experimentation with leader film as an artistic statement on the existence of God, and will be expected to give a critical analysis of Schönner Hedjviik’s sixty-four part anti-theorist Cinerama tone poem “In Desperation, My Canker Sores”. 2 Credits.



The Emergence of the darkened visual image: the history of the lightless (sometimes referred to, as first postulated by Petronius in ancient Greece as Ilostmymeterism, or later as developed into a modern aesthetic theory by Susan Sontag as Cinema Braille) camera  in contemporary cinema marking a major emergence with the work of Gordon Willis and culminating in projection booths shutting down through lack of timely utility payments. Students will go through a rigorous twelve-part seminar on remembering to remove the lens cap and discussions on The Sundance Movement: Whether to Aim the Camera Toward the Action- Pro or Con?  1 Credit.

To read the full addition list to Fall course offerings, click the following link to:


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