Chandler’s Trailers: “Smashing Time” (1967)


      “Smashing Time” is a perfect example of a movie whose failure is evident  from its belief in it’s own terminal cuteness; an affliction suffered by any film which features either an onscreen crowd or audience  shown to be having a far greater time than the paying audience in the theater, or, as in this case, a cast who is so convinced of the entertainment value of its own eccentricity that it works itself into a hyperactive froth, strenuously shaking the viewer with the same ceaselessly annoying demands of a three-year-old kicking the dining table leg for attention that becomes both exhausting and a bit nauseating in the eventual vulgarity of its tastelessness.  Intended as a free wheeling comic jab at the pretentiously moddish fishbowl that was known as 1960’s Swinging London, this reunion of the director of the distinguished “Girl With Green Eyes” Desmond Davis and its two female leads, the talented Rita Tushingham and more than a bit tedious Lynn Redgrave find themselves light years away from Edna O’Brien territory in this story of two girls who travel to London to become great successes, manage to do so in ways only possible in completely contrived bad movie ways, and then decide that they prefer the simple life; borrowing the fundamental dramatic arc from several hundred previous hoary rags-to-riches melodramas from “What Price Hollywood?” to “The Goddess” with the addition of pie in the face slapstick (in this case, aerosol spray as well as an interminable custard bombardment)) unworthy of the lowliest Blake Edwards comedy (an excavation no sane filmmaker would attempt) and the breathless demeaning of its cast in the service of a script that in comparison would make the most witless of burlesque comics sound like Bertrand Russell.

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