Classic Film Images Photo Quiz: Vol. 121



     Painful as it may be to admit, the only reason for men and women to interact is to give a boost to Jane Seymour’s post-acting career as a designer of retail baubles feeding the burden men feel in having to humor the whines of insecurity women express in commercials by assuming that men don’t appreciate their magnificence without a constant barrage of jewelry, perfumes, flowers and Caribbean sunsets with buffed young men who curiously don’t seem to be the same guy as the poor dope who initially and thoughtfullybatmanreturnsmichellepfeiffermichaelkeatongif1 paid for the trip as he prematurely collapsed and died of the stress and overwork necessary to max out his credit card in order to keep his lady happy in the first place. Happy Valentine’s Day! Then, we must consider the bond between men and women and the inspiration it has given to such strangers to the Internet as the inimitable Bard of Avon (“How can he be taken seriously if he don’t rite 4 the ‘Net?” inquires the collective wisdom of the computer Gen.) who immortalizes the delicate bonds of innocent love (Love To Be Cherished, declares the Hallmark Card Co. as long as you cough up $3.95 to $12.95 per heartbeat of romantic pining.) in such three hanky tearjerkers as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth” and “Othello”. The heart may soar with melodies from Cupid’s songbook, but perhaps a more useful application of practical survival skills might be employed in heeding the warning: “Get thee to a nunnery.” The heart goes pit-a-pat. With these appropriately misanthropic holiday ruminations in mind (brought to you by Skittles  the All-American Candy of Romance), we enter into another exciting edition of the monthly Classic Film Images Quiz, celebrating males and females and…. well that’s about it. In the following fourteen movie images, it is your task to identify the films from which each photo is derived. The hardy individual who best asserts their knowledge of the battle of the sexes by identifying all fourteen films will win the coveted CSR CULTURE SHOCK AWARD and perhaps an additional offering under the consideration that February has been designated as truly the month to be forced to give until you’re bled dry. (HINT: Given the circumstances, the obvious choice of “Attack of the Giant Leeches” is not among the illustrated offerings.) Good luck.














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I've been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn and a king, not necessarily in that order. My first major movie memory was being at the drive-in at about 1 1/2 yrs. old seeing "Sayonara" so I suppose an interest in film was inevitable. (For those scoring at home- good for you- I wasn't driving that evening, so no need to alert authorities.)Writer, critic and confessed spoiler of women, as I have a tendency to forget to put them back in the refrigerator. My apologies.
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