Criminal Exposure: “The Godson” (1971)


    Prolific presenter of prurience Harry Novak turns his attention to the world of the Mob in William Rostler’s 1971’s “The Godson” an also-ran precursor to the next year’s release of the filmization of Mario Puzo’s trashy sex and violence Mafia opus, an influence which Helen Keller could pick out of a line-up, though the end result finds, predictably, the sex remaining without the equal compensatory plunge into the inner workings of organized crime: no horse’s head in these gangster’s beds.

     Marco (Jason Yukon) is the godson of Mob boss Lea Roca (Keith Erickson billed as Mario Santini), even though the two men appear to be the same age. Roca spends his time luxuriating on a dirty pool chair outside of his modest tract house, obviously proving that crime doesn’t pay outside of large studio productions. The “elder” crime boss is impressed with Marco’s enthusiasm (if not his oddly unbecoming permed afro complete with permed sideburns), especially after snuffing out a fellow gangster for abusing the “organization’s” “working girls”, though there is little said about Marco’s post-coital blabbing of secret Mob plans to one of the same girls. Marco, for no conceivable reason is elevated from “breaking in” the newer “working girls” (which seems to consist of either a great deal of the aimless rubbing of hands on the women’s bodies to the point where one wonders if he is attempting to sandpaper them, or alignment of nether regions so unconvincing the film might find value by the Vatican as an instructional resource promoting guaranteed birth control technique) to engineering the smuggling of drugs using the same “working girls”.

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