Classic Film Images Photo Quiz: Vol. 2014



     Here we are again with America’s favorite waste of time, the monthly Classic Film Images Quiz, brought to you by those good folks, the makers of  Skittles, the All-American brain candy. When one thinks of Hollywood, one thinks of glamor (well…also cocaine binges, DUI arrests, two weekend marriages, narcissism, vice and depravity), but for our purposes let’s stick to the glamor stuff. In the old days- sometime before last March, I believe -keeping a stiff upper lip meant something different than today. It meant poise and cool in the face of danger, adversity or unfathomable stressful situations. Today it means collagen injections. However, happily we have the stars of the Silver marlowe_o_GIFSoup.comScreen to lead the way (what, to the plastic surgeons?) in demonstrating shining examples of that old axiom “grace under fire”, that living and breathing (hard to do one without the other) ideal of facing the impossible with a cool head, keen eye and perfectly manageable hair. What follows are sixteen examples of the sometimes stoic, but always (well, almost) sense of calm with which the great figures of the cinema conduct themselves. A lesson to us all. An example for all Mankind. An affair to remember….(oops, went a Bridge Too Far on that one) The following sixteen images are from films which demonstrate, if not every ideal which has been promoted above, that, at least, we carry a lot of surplus material in our image archives. Your task is to put a film title to each image (and then send it to us- the contest doesn’t mean a great deal if you keep the answers to yourself). The first to correctly identify all sixteen will receive the glorious (and fat-free) CSR CULTURE SHOCK AWARD. Not unlike performing your patriotic duty at a voting booth during a national election, you may participate early and often. Good luck.
#01 0000000a
#05nigel davenport
#12 gs04nd3
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1 Response to Classic Film Images Photo Quiz: Vol. 2014

  1. Paul S says:

    I got The Sting and The Conversation; I’m lost on the others.

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