The 2013 Annual Critical Establishment Readers Survey


All readers, bloggers and film enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in the following 59 question  survey.
01.  Who/what do you feel is the most overrated actor, actress, director and film?
02.  Who/what do you feel is the most underrated actor, actress, director and film?
03.  Do you read film magazines? If so, which titles?
04.  Do you generally prefer cel or computer animation?
05.  Do you generally watch foreign films?
06.  Do you have a favorite film genre, and if so, what is it and why?
07.  What do you think is the most representative film from the following countries:
         a) France?
         b) Spain?
         c) Italy?
         d) Russia?
         e) Japan?
         f) China?
         g) Great Britain?
         h) Germany?
         i) Australia?
         j) India?
        k) Ireland?
         l) Scandinavia?
       m) Greece?
        n) Africa?
        o) Canada?
        p) South America?
   08)  What, in your mind, is the most successful film translation of a piece of literature?
  09)  Do you feel there has ever been a film remake that has exceeded the quality of the original? Is so, what film and why?

  10)  Name three films you feel contain the most impressive achievements in screenwriting.
  11)  What film most disappointed your expectations?
  12)  What film most exceeded your expectations?
  13)  Do you feel artistic achievement in film is separate from entertainment value?
  14)  Do you feel films were better or worse for being produced under the Production Code?
  15)  Do you think there is such a thing as “an important” film, and if so what film would that be?
  16)  Do you generally read film criticism? If so, which critics do you follow?
  17)  Do you feel film criticism has changed with the advent of the Internet? If so, how?
  18)  If you read film criticism do you usually read it before or after seeing a film. and why?
  19)  If you see a film based on a book, would you be more likely to read the book before or after the film?
  20)  Do you follow the Auteurist theory?
  21)  When seeing a film do you feel more forgiving of a performer or filmmaker whose past work you have admired?
  22)  In your opinion, in what order are the most important participants in a film, beginning with the most important: writer, director, producer, actor?
  23)  In foreign films, do you prefer subtitles or dubbing?
  24)  What do you think has been the most valuable technical contribution to films?
  25)  What do you think has been the most damaging technical advance to films?
  26)  Do you have a preference between black and white and color films?
  27)  What do you think was the most significant Movement in the history of films?
  28)  Do you think that a vintage film which contains, now-perceived inflammatory “politically incorrect” material should either be unreleased or re-issued under altered conditions?
  29)  Do you read collected volumes of film criticism? If so who do you read?
  30)  Do you feel television critics are as creditable as traditional print film critics?
  31)  Do you feel internet bloggers are as creditable as traditional print film critics?
  32)  Do you feel the emergence of internet blogging has strengthened or weakened Critical Thought in film?
  33)  Can you name a film you feel was badly directed and yet you still regard as a good film?
  34)  Can you name a film you feel was badly written and yet you still regard as a good film?
  35)  Do you generally prefer to watch sound or silent films?
  36)  Do you feel there is legitimacy in “staging” events in documentary films?
  37)  Do you favor DVD presentations with additional features? If so, which features are important to you?
  38)  Do you listen to DVD commentary tracks?
  39)  Do you believe Populist opinion should have any relevance in Critical Thinking?
  40)  Are you more likely to see a film if it has won awards at festival competitions?
  41)  Are you more likely to see a film if it has been nominated or has won “major” commercial awards (Oscar, Golden Globe)?
  42)  Are you more likely to see a film that has received raves from critics?
  43)  Do you feel it is possible to be regarded as well-rounded in the cinema without paying attention to foreign language films?_______________________________________________________________________
  43)  Do you believe a star rating for films has value? A numerical rating? A thumb rating?
  44)  Do you believe film critics have merit in relation to populist interest in film?
  45)  Do you believe film critics have merit in relation to aesthetic concerns in film?
  46)  Of the generally abandoned regular features of yesteryear that would be shown at theaters, which would you most enjoy making a comeback and why: Short subjects, newsreels, cartoons or serials?
  47)  Do you make generally use film guides for research references?
  48)  Do you believe extreme violence may be used effectively in a film? If yes, state an example.
  49)  Do you believe explicit sexuality may be used effectively in a film? If yes, state an example.
  50)  Do you read books about film? If so, what are your greatest areas of interest?
  51)  Do you listen to or regularly purchase soundtrack albums?_____________________________________________________________________________
  52)  Do you feel it is incumbent upon critics to help establish standards of excellence in film as an artistic enterprise?
  53)  When watching a film on a home screen as opposed to a theatrical venue, do you find your disciplinary habits in watching a film without distractions is increased? If so, do you feel this detracts from the fullest attention you would otherwise give the film?
  54)  Have you ever attended a drive-in movie theater?
  55)  Do you feel songs used on a film soundtrack enhance a film or are they simply an overused device for marketing purposes?
  56)  In your opinion, what is the greatest artistic achievement in American cinema?
  57)  In your opinion, what is the greatest artistic achievement in non-American cinema?
  58)  Do you believe in the concept of the “guilty pleasure”? If yes, do you have one?
  59)  Do you regard Film as an Art Form?


Thank you for participating in the 2013 Critical Establishment Readers Survey. Participation is an exhausting task so please avail yourselves of our complimentary orange juice and cookies and please lay still for about fifteen minutes before moving about as you may experience a sensation of dizziness and vertigo. Our attending staff will call a nurse if you need further assistance. Again, thank you for participating.


To view the survey on its normally situated page along with other gems of editorial chicanery, simply click the following link to:

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