Corset Interruptus: “The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill” (1966)


    With little relation, save the inclusion of the eponymous heroine’s name, to the famous literary scandalmonger, “The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill” introduces Fanny’s offspring Kissy in a colorfully filmed (by later Hollywood heavyweight cinematographer László Kovács) but narratively torpid comedy of manners that displays little comedy and is far too mannered for the supposed titillation seeking crowd that is the intended audience. It is an interesting hybrid of the old Hollywood dodge with an excess of  production values (as far as the budget allows) masquerading shallow story conception with layers of meaningless opulence and sheer sexploitation in which the layers of opulence are shed as often as possible for the promise of equally distracting gratuitous exhibitionism, though sadly, the vacuum of the contextual inertia continually outweighs the good old-fashioned dirty fun promised but undermined by the witlessness of the sub-par burlesque level in both performance and writing.

     The entire film is a come-on; a teasing enticement to the sensual pleasures of the flesh imprisoned underneath the rather absurd layers of fabric encasement and a blatant redressing (by undressing) of “Tom Jones” bawdiness. In fact, this is a rather dull affair, not a narrative driven movie at all but essentially a series of clumsily connected vignettes all featuring a small coterie of costumed couples who eventually pair up off in random assortments and engage in tediously snickering (though ultimately puritanical) pretenses toward enacting the sexual act in the most chastely unconvincing manner imaginable- that is, unless it is possible to engage in coitus while still wearing hermetically sealed leather pants.

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