The Stuff of Dreams: “Trollhunter” (2010)

 Troll Hunter
  The sub-genre of the “found film” mockumentary hit the financial jackpot with the tiresome “The Blair Witch Project”, a film which benefited from a wealth of carefully manipulated anticipation by way of Internet hype, but emerged without an ounce of artistic merit nor entertainment value, though it had the unfortunate aftereffect of encouraging any unimaginative glory seeker with a digital camera to attempt to emulate it’s inexplicable success. After years of creative aridity (with the sole meritorious production emerging being the superior Spanish horror film [Rec]) within this specified realm comes the 2010 Norweigian  horror/fantasy/comedy  thriller Trollhunter”, a film which cleverly avoids the typical pitfalls of most of the preceding examples of the genre- most especially the overuse of attempting pale revisionist twists of already tired horror conventions which only end up being even paler versions of already exhausted plot points -and finds creative and entertaining use of the regional mythology which has surfaced in a wide swatch of world literature and lore for centuries. Instead of the invention of a “fictional” menace, Orrendal uses the most primal of mythic creatures for his film, building a convincing case for their genuine existence (including a cleverly inserted genuine news clip at the finale which seems to dispel all doubt), by the dispensing of an impressive range of encyclopedic knowledge concerning every aspect of troll physiognomy and society.
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